Electronic Ceramic Atomization Professionals

Not limited to assembly, 15+Years Ceramic Technology Development 

The 1st manufacturer to roll out a Full-Ceramic Cartridge for CBD and thick vaping oils. 
Cotton Free  I  Heavy Metal Free   BPA Free
Lab Tested in California USA


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Our Strength & Standard

15,000 square meter IS0-9001 certified


50+Million monthly ceramic atomizer capacity


3+ Million monthly product capacity


60 Closed System Kilns reaching over 650 °C


3 Open System Kilns reaching over 1100 °C


2 R&D labs for ceramic and product development.

15 + Years
Ceramic Tech Development
2 +
R&D labs
50 +M
Monthly Coil Capacity
2 +
Office Locations
Why Choose Us?

Ceramic Development

Continuous development of core ceramic technology and successive improvement of vaping performance and heating elements.


Product Innovation

Sustainable innovation of high-performance vaping devices in Cannabis, Hemp and E-liquid industries.


Best Cost Control

Extensive coverage of ceramic atomizer and finished product production.


Excellent Quality Control

Beam Focus on consistency& reliability to ensure the highest inputs in each cycle of manufacturing process.

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Trusted Clients

ECAP TECH shows massive professionalism on ceramics and vaping performance. It's convenient, it's healthier, it's more economical and saves your supply.


Trusted Client

Quality. I never felt like anything was too flimsy or shoddy. The casing is sturdy, the heating element is strong, and the whip worked without issue


Trusted Client

There is no doubt, that I would highly recommend this CL6 to ANYONE who is interested in a, super easy to vape, very reliable, clean and reasonably priced vaporizer


Trusted Client

The Exeek has been a solid performer for quite long time. It’s a tried, tested and true product that does not disappoint. A pure ceramic heater ensures you will only inhale the vapors you want.


Trusted Client
What kind of charger should I use?
What’s the e-liquid capacity of the pod?

The EXEEK X has a 1.0ml capacity, the regular version has a 1.5ml capacity.

For how long should I charge X?

If using the 5V/1A wall adaptor, you need to charge X for about 1 hours.

What is the battery capacity of X?

It is 350mAh.

What’s the wire material of X oil?

The wire material of both the 1.5ohm coil.

How do I know when the X is fully charged?

When the X is fully charged the LED will flash WHITE and off.

Full-Cycle Development Services

ECAP Technologies supports a full-cycle development process from product
definition and specification, design and testing to product validation

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Our patented KCOIL ceramic formulas
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