Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
The highest quality products to customers is our most demanding. Before leaving the factory, every batch of products need to get through the following test below:

The ceramic coil tests
No. Program Related Test Instrument Note
1 Shrinkage Callipers /2.5 Dimension Finished product Size/ Material size before sintering
2 Porosity Porosity test instrument Test the porosity of micropore ceramic element
3 Permeability Permeability test instrument Test the delivery ability of micro-pore ceramic element
4 Intension Electric pressure gage Test the intension of micro-pore ceramic element
5 Heating rate Temperature curve tester Test the heating rate of ceramic coil
6 Pore size Mercury Injection Apparatus/ Third-party test Test the pore size of micropore ceramic element
7 ROHS ROHS Tester Test the product for harmful substances
8 Heating coil parameters Callipers / Micrometer Resistance/Wire diameter/ Length/ Number of turns/ Height of turns/ Coil Pitch
9 Fracture resistance of lead after sintering Tongs Number of fracture resistance after sintering
10 Resistance Resistance test instrument Resistance Range
11 Metal Film Balance/ Height Master Thickness of Metal Film
12 Combination of Metal film and ceramic elements Electron microscope Test if there is a gap in the combination
13 Wiring aging test Aging tester Test the number of aging of thick metal film at high temperature
14 Wiring aging test when vaping Suction Machine Test the number of aging of atomizer
15 TCR of heating coil oil bath pan Test temperature coefficient of resistance of heating coil
16 Tension of lead tensile machine Test the bonding force between lead and element

The product tests
No. Program Related Test Instrument Note
1 high-altitude low-pressure test E-Cigarette high-altitude low-pressure environment simulation test chamber Test the reliablity of product
2 High-low temperature E-Cigarette  constant temperature humidity chamber
3 Low temperature storage test
4 High temperature storage test
5 High-low temperature cycle test
6 High- low temperature impact test
7 Drop test  
8 Vibration Test Automobile Transport Simulation vibrostand
9 Puff Counting Test E-Cigarette comprehensive test instrument Test the number of puff of product
10 Atomizer Draw Resistance Test E-Cigarette Draw Resistance Test instrument Test the draw resistance of atomizer
11 Finished product Draw Resistance Test Test the draw resistance of finished product
12 Ceramic Core Draw Resistance Test Test the leakproofness of ceramic core
13 Capacity Test Precision syringe Test the capacity of oil tank
14 Atomizer lifetime test E-Cigarette comprehensive test instrument Test the lifetime of atomizer
15 Resistance Test Resistance Test Instrument Test the range of resistance
16 Porosity Test Porosity Test Instrument Test the porosity of microporous element
17 Aging Test Aging Test Instrument Test the aging life of ceramic core
18 Intensity Test Electric pressure gage Test the intensity of ceramic core
19 Water Absorption Test Porosity Test Instrument Test the rate of water absorption of ceramic core
20 Battery Capacity Test Battery capacity test instrument Test battery capacity
21 Battery Delivery Voltage Test Multimeter Test the voltage of supplied battery
22 Power Test Test output power
23 Torsion Test Torsion Tester Test the torsion of screw top cartridge
24 Flexural Test Intension Test Instrument Test flexural strength of ceramic element
25 Standing Test   Test leakproofness of atomizer
26 Atomization Quantity Test Suction machine Test atomization quantity of atomizer

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