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EPEN Battery

Model: B16

EPEN Battery for CBD Cartridge
Universally Compatible with 510 Cartridges(O.D<=10.5mm)

1. Slim body, Elegant Design
Streamlined pen shape design and stealth LED breathing indicator.
2. Anti-bending & anti-drop
Soft rubber inside embraces the whole tank, protects your cartridge
and concentrate anywhere.
3. Inhale Activated, magnetic connection
Connecting your cartridge is as easy as drop and go.

Pre-heating Mode I Short-circuit Protection I Low Voltage Alert
 it last a long time on a charge
  1. Preheat Voltage:1.9V
  2. Adjust Voltage: 3.8V / 3.4V / 3.0V / 2.6V
  3. Size: ø16*110mm
  4. Charge Port: USB-C
  5. Capacity: 400mAh
  6. Button: Bottom button

Cynthia  S. heartheartheartheartheart
08/16/2021 Small, Discreet & Great Quality
I was worried about the size when I first ordered it but now that l've been using it I absolutely love its' petit stature. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand and is very discreet. Great Battery life, easy to charge and it didn't take a very long time. It's just a great buy.

Preheat Voltage:1.9V
Adjust Voltage: 3.8V / 3.4V / 3.0V / 2.6V
Size: ø16*110mm
Charge Port: USB-C
Capacity: 400mAh
Button: Bottom button

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