wholesale battery case electronic cigarette|What role does VG (glycerin) play in e-cigarette liquid?

wholesale battery case electronic cigarette|What role does VG (glycerin) play in e-cigarette liquid?

What is VG (glycerin)?
The scientific name of glycerin is glycerin, and the English name is Vegetable Glycerin, commonly known as vegetable glycerin. It is extracted from plants with high-tech extraction technology. It is a colorless, sweet, clear and viscous liquid. Odorless. It has a warm and sweet taste, can absorb moisture from the air, and is medical grade certified. In medicine, it is used to prepare various preparations, solvents, hygroscopic agents, antifreeze and sweeteners, and to prepare external ointments or suppositories. Glycerin is an alcohol, which is relatively close to alcohol. Glycerin is quickly absorbed, and it is a good hydrating product for peeling skin, acne scarred skin, and sensitive skin. Since glycerin has good compatibility with various flavors and fragrances, it has been used as an electronic cigarette liquid in recent years. Smoke oil raw materials.
What role does VG (glycerin) play in e-liquid?
VG (glycerin) is an important part of e-liquid (e-liquid). Generally, the ratio of PG/VG will be marked when the e-liquid leaves the factory. The common ratios of large smoke e-liquid are 4:6 and 3:7, and some use the ratio of 2:8 e-liquid. If it is a small cigarette, the ratio is generally 5:5. So what is the effect of adding glycerin to the finished e-liquid?
The higher the glycerin content, the greater the smoke produced by the e-liquid. Generally, players who drop oil use pure VG smoke oil when playing big smoke or games.
Sometimes we smoke some smoke oil more smoothly, but the concentration of this oil is too high. At this time, we can dilute the concentration of the smoke oil by adding an appropriate amount of glycerin.
For some heavy-tasting e-liquid, we can also add VG to adjust the taste of the e-liquid.
Practicing players adding VG to the e-liquid can increase the amount of smoke while reducing the concentration of the e-liquid. After all, the e-liquid contains nicotine. "Excessive intake" will cause discomfort to the body. Practicing players need to practice the dilution for a long time. is required. PS: Due to the high viscosity of glycerin, do not use pure VG for non-dripping or large smoke atomizers.

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