The advantages of eliquid vape over traditional cigarettes

The advantages of eliquid vape over traditional cigarettes

Eliquid vape is a new type of cigarettes, which take advantage of multiple advantages over the traditional ones.

1. Reduce the risk of inhalation

Eliquid vape do not produce tar, carbon monoxide, dye waste gas, pollution and pollution of these substances and harmful substances, which reduces the exposure of tobacco to these substances. Cigarettes contain more than 300 known substances, and there are many unknown harmful substances in Zhongqi.

2. No sweeping soot

Soot is always annoying, smokers must have the experience of soot staining their clothes, and a thin layer of soot will appear on the furniture after smoking in the house. Eliquid vape will not produce soot.

3. No unpleasant smoke

Smoking is a serious problem on the hands and on the top of the cigarette, especially the bad smell, which is easy to come. "It can't be the problem". If it is not for the person who smokes, he will be very sensitive to the smell, and smoke after smoking. The person after the cigarette is also disgusted by the people in the office. The arrest of the Eliquid vape smells good, and it is not easy to hold the incense in the hand.

4. Will not cause fire

Just like chimneys and snow, they are chimneys that burn without open flames. Electronic cigarettes do not burn with open flames. They will not cause fires like cigarette butts. Eliquid vape are available or there have been incidents that have attracted attention. Think about the number of fires caused by cigarette butts each year.

5. Choose a taste option

Strawberry, mung bean, mint, lychee. . Smokers can also choose a dozen different flavors. the taste of.

6. Enjoy the fun of smoking at any time

The production of electronic cigarettes "second-hand smoke" has no effect on the smokelessness of others. In some public places, electronic cigarettes are still allowed. Because of concerns about the safety hazards of smoking, smoking is prohibited in the entire production area. If you want to smoke, then take half an hour to go out and smoke by yourself. The entire problem of e-cigarettes is well solved.

7. More environmentally friendly

Cigarette butts are made of American chemistry chemical compounds. Many cigarette butts are randomly thrown into the streets, sewers, and rivers. Cigarette butts cause huge environmental problems. We often throw cigarette butts in scenic spots. Everyone knows that it is more than just an electronic cigarette. It is a harmful exhaust gas option to produce cigarette butts without producing air pollution smoke.

8. Eliquid vape save money

After a smoker develops the habit of smoking, his cigarette money is somewhat non-smoking. After a good quality maintenance equipment, the smoke oil and maintenance equipment money are cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

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