Some knowledge and popular science about eliquid vape

Eliquid vape are a very common product, but many people know very little about eliquid vape.

Benefits of eliquid vape:
1. It does not contain tar components harmful to the human body, and there is no carcinogen.
2. No burning, no harmful chemical substances produced after burning.
3. There is no harm caused by “second-hand smoke” to others and pollution to the environment.
4. There is no fire hazard, and it can be used in no-smoking and no-fire places.

The composition of eliquid vape:

1. Tobacco rod

The internal structure of the cigarette rod uses the same basic components: a lamp PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, and various electronic circuits. Most electronic cigarettes use lithium ion and secondary battery power components. The battery life depends on the battery type and size, the number of uses and the operating environment.

2. Atomizer

Generally speaking, the cartridge is the mouthpiece part, and some factories glue the atomizer with the cartridge or e-liquid to make a disposable atomizer according to the needs of customers. The advantage of this is that the taste and amount of smoke of the electronic cigarette can be greatly improved, and the quality is more stable.

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