Introduction to the development of eliquid vape

Introduction to the development of eliquid vape

Eliquid vape are electronic products that imitate cigarettes and have the same appearance, smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. It is a product powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to drive the atomizer, and by heating the e-liquid in the oil tank to turn nicotine into steam, allowing users to inhale.

The design of the first generation of eliquid vape completely mimics the shape of ordinary real cigarettes. The cartridge is yellow and the cigarette body is white. This generation of eliquid vape has been popular for several years, because its appearance is similar to real cigarettes, and it is accepted by customers in the first sense. However, as people use the first-generation e-cigarettes more and more, many shortcomings of the first-generation e-cigarettes are slowly discovered during the use process, which are mainly manifested in the atomizer.

The second-generation eliquid vape is slightly longer than the first-generation e-cigarette, and the diameter is generally 9.25 mm. The main feature is that the atomizer has been improved, with a protective cover on the outside of the atomizer, and the cartridge is inserted into the atomizer. In the first generation of electronic cigarettes, the atomizer is inserted into the cartridge, and the two are exactly the opposite. The most notable feature of the second-generation eliquid vape is the combination of the cartridge and the atomizer.

The third-generation eliquid vape uses a disposable atomizer cartridge, which is equivalent to a disposable atomizer, which solves the previous problems, greatly improves the quality, and changes the appearance and raw materials.

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