Introduction to the composition of vape pen

Introduction to the composition of vape pen

E-cigarettes are electronic products that mimic paper cigarettes and have the same look, smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. It is an atomizer powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. By heating the e-liquid in the oil tank, the e-liquid (containing nicotine, flavor, solvent propylene glycol, etc.) is turned into steam, and the user can smoke it. a product.

In a broad sense, vape pen refer to electronic nicotine delivery systems, including vape pen, hookahs, hookah pens, heat-not-burn and other forms. In a narrow sense, vape pen refer to portable vape pen that are similar in appearance to cigarettes.

Generally speaking, vape pen consist of two parts: cigarette rods and atomizers. We provide electronic cigarette products. If you are interested in vape pen, please contact us for more information.

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