Do you know the advantages of eliquid vape

Do you know the advantages of eliquid vape

Compared with traditional tobacco, the harm is reduced by 95%. Many people misunderstand that eliquid vape are the source of "smoke" and believe that it is no different from real cigarettes. It is just a different carrier, which will also cause great harm to the human body. , Even more harmful than real smoke. However, in fact, electronic cigarettes will not produce harmful substances such as tar, benzopyrene, heavy metals, and gas pollutants (carbon monoxide, acrolein) after being heated at high temperatures.

Moreover, in 2015, the Public Health Agency of the United Kingdom (PHE) published a scientific research report on eliquid vape on its official website, claiming that eliquid vape are 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco. In 2016, the Public Health Agency of England and 13 public health organizations jointly issued a statement, agreeing that eliquid vape have lower health risks than traditional cigarettes. Even earlier, the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" launched by the WHO in 2006 also assisted the eliquid vape industry in opening up the market.

Therefore, if eliquid vape are produced under the regulations of national standards, they will definitely be able to reduce the harm a lot compared to traditional real cigarettes. It is true that many unscrupulous merchants are now doing some tricky things while the national standard has not yet been issued. However, this does not deny that eliquid vape still have a certain value. We are also waiting for the introduction of the national standard to give the industry a more standard, more standardized and more transparent development direction!

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