Can a vape pen be used as an alternative to cigarettes?

Can a vape pen be used as an alternative to cigarettes?

People are addicted to smoking mainly because tobacco contains nicotine, which is not easy to quit. While the nicotine contained in a cigarette is usually fixed, tobacco companies cannot reduce the nicotine by reducing the tobacco content. Therefore, this is a headache for traditional smokers who want to reduce their nicotine intake.

However, in comparison, the nicotine in vape pen e-liquid can be effectively controlled, and even some leading vape pen companies can make vape pen without nicotine. Therefore, if it exists as a cigarette replacement product, vape pen is definitely the best choice.

To sum up, Xiao Bian believes that any industry and any product are not perfect, they are all multi-faceted. We should hold an objective and rational perspective when looking at some emerging things. Prejudice cannot help people to see things correctly.

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