About the classification of vape pen

About the classification of vape pen

vape pen classification, here is classified according to the development history:

1. Disposable vape pens: the devices or batteries that store e-liquid are disposable and cannot be reused, or they are all disposable. At present, there are basically no good things in disposable e-cigarettes, such as poor e-liquid and poor batteries. The smoke effect and taste are not good, most of them are designed products before 2010, and the current industry has gone further.

2. Pen-shaped vape pens: E-liquid can be added repeatedly. It is powered by a single 18650 battery or built-in battery. Generally, the power is low and fixed power. The popular understanding is that the "firepower" is small. After the problem, it is necessary to appropriately adjust the air intake and inhale a little, after all, it is hypocritical. The advantages of pen-shaped vape pens are easy to carry and cheap; the disadvantages are that the smoking effect and battery life are not ideal, and the worse the brand, the more obvious the defects.

3. High-power vape pen: The host generally uses 2 18650 batteries or more, and the power is generally 1-200w and can be adjusted manually, or through temperature control, which means that the "firepower" can be large or small, with different atomization It can achieve different smoke effects, commonly known as the third generation of vape pens. Basically, the smoke effect of the third-generation vape pen is completely close to that of real cigarettes, and even worse. If some friends have smoked vape pens before and say that they are smokeless and tasteless, they will definitely change their views after smoking such high-power vape pens.

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